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At some point in life everyone runs into an unexpected financial situation where they could use some extra cash. While some can ask for a loan from a friend or family member, not all of us have the ability or desire to reach out to loved ones for help. In these circumstances, there are a few quick cash loan options that can provide the money you need.

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What is a Quick Cash Loan?

“Quick cash loan” is an umbrella term that can refer to several different types of loan products. The process of getting a quick cash loan is simple. You just need to fill out an application and wait for a decision. In many cases, borrowers can receive funds within a business day after they are approved*. Many other types of loans take several days to process, receive a decision, and deliver funds to the borrower.

Roughly 4 in 10 Americans have enough money saved to cover an unexpected expense of $1,000, a recent Bankrate study found. That means most Americans would need to borrow money if they found themselves in that situation. A few of the most common purposes for a personal loan are to pay for medical expenses, automotive repairs, funeral costs, moving costs, or other emergency expenses.

How Can I Get a Quick Loan with Bad Credit?

Applying for a quick cash loan is fast and simple. Borrowers can apply for loans online from the comfort of their own home. There is generally a three-step process for receiving a quick cash loan. First, complete a loan application with the lender. Some lenders have a quick and simple online application process. Next, the lender will provide a decision. Lastly, the borrower should review and sign a loan agreement. We will elaborate on the process below.

The first step to receive a quick cash loan is to complete an application. Lenders will request personal information during the application process, such as the borrower’s social security number and current individual income.

A borrower can quickly receive a decision after completing an online application. Many consumers find the online quick cash loan application process to be easier than requesting a loan in-person from a storefront.

After a decision is provided, the borrower should review and sign their loan agreement. Consumers should be sure to carefully look over their loan agreements and assess their options before moving forward. Take note of the repayment period, and interest rate offered to decide whether you will be able to repay the borrowed funds.

Different Types of Quick Cash Advance Loans

Earlier, we mentioned that “quick cash loan” is an umbrella term that refers to several different types of loan products. These can include quick payday loans, personal installment loans, auto title loans, and pawn shop loans. Below, we will cover two of the most popular types of quick cash loans: quick payday and personal installment loans.
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Quick Payday Loans

The defining aspect of a quick payday loan is the loan repayment term. Payday loans are typically paid back by borrowers on the next paydate. These loans are generally unsecured, so the borrower does not need to put up any collateral. Another item to consider when applying for a payday loan is their interest rate. Payday loans typically come at a high interest rate to the borrower. As in any situation, when you are considering borrowing money, you should review your options carefully before accepting a quick payday, and always be sure of your ability to repay borrowed funds by or before the repayment due dates.
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Personal Installment Loans

Personal installment loans serve as a convenient financial product for consumers. These loans can be used for many different personal situations such as an unexpected expense or consolidating existing debt. Personal installment loans can offer lower payments than other alternatives on the market today!

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Where to Get a Quick Loan with Bad Credit

Considering borrowing money via a quick cash loan? You can complete an easy online application in minutes and receive a decision instantly with Integra Credit. Most customers receive their a decision within seconds and funds can be delivered as soon as the next business day*.

More Information About Quick Loans for Bad Credit

Annual Percentage Rate or APR is a standardized measure used to express the cost of a loan for a whole year. This rate takes into consideration interest owed and any fees a customer will pay as a result of taking out the loan.
At Integra Credit, protecting your privacy is of our highest concern. Please see our privacy policy for more information.
Funds for loan agreements fully executed by 8pm CT on business days and 3:30pm CT on Sundays are typically sent the next business day. Check with your financial institution's funds availability policy to learn when it will provide you with access to the funds.
The minimum qualifications to apply are that you must be at least the minimum legal age to contract in your state of residence, have a valid bank account, have a valid email address, and be a resident of the United States. For more information on which states we service, please see our Rates and Terms page.
Integra Credit Installment Loans have a maximum amount of $3,000 depending on the laws within a state. For more information on the maximum loan amount by state, please refer to our Rates and Terms page.

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